Hindu Gods Idols in Bronze 
from 6" to 6 ft
  • Shiva, Parvati
  • Ganesh, in various postures
  • Saraswati 
  • Apsara


How are these bronze statues made?

Vasantha is committed to bringing to the United states the very best in the heritage of Indian art and paintings. Displays include hand made bronze statues exact replicas of ancient masterpieces. These statues are made only in one particular place in South India on the banks of the river Cauvery. 

The skills and expertise required in creating these masterpieces are passed from generation to generation and is acquired through meticulous training and dedication. The process of making one of these pieces is long and tedious. The artisan uses the red mud available only on the banks at ceratin spots and makes the mould for the piece he is going to create into the clay mould.  He pours the molten alloy. 

Once the mould partially solidifies he breaks the mould and starts to hand carve the intricate details. The hand carving is so specialized that different people work on different areas of the same statue.  The difference between these works of art and other imitations is readily apparent. 

Other than the workmanship and the attention to minute detail the whole statue is one solid piece versus cheaper imitaions where the individual body parts are mass produced and joined together.

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